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World champion rivals

Tournament rivals of the world champions

Which players did the world champions meet most often in battle? Who were their most dangerous contemporaries? These counts are from Chess Informant's '200 greatest tournaments' and do not include world championship events or Olympiads.


Player Opponent Ct
Steinitz, W. Chigorin, M. 12
Steinitz, W. Pillsbury, H. 12
Steinitz, W. Lasker, Em 10
Steinitz, W. Blackburne, J. 6
Steinitz, W. Janowsky, D. 6
Steinitz, W. Schlechter, C. 6


Player Opponent Ct
Lasker, Em Chigorin, M. 12
Lasker, Em Pillsbury, H. 12
Lasker, Em Steinitz, W. 10
Lasker, Em Capablanca, J. 10
Lasker, Em Janowsky, D. 9


Player Opponent Ct
Capablanca, J. Marshall, F. 15
Capablanca, J. Alekhine, A. 13
Capablanca, J. Spielmann, R. 11
Capablanca, J. Nimzowitsch, A. 10
Capablanca, J. Lasker, Em 10


Player Opponent Ct
Alekhine, A. Tartakower, S. 15
Alekhine, A. Capablanca, J. 13
Alekhine, A. Bogoljubov, E. 13
Alekhine, A. Nimzowitsch, A. 13
Alekhine, A. Spielmann, R. 12
Alekhine, A. Vidmar, M. 12


Player Opponent Ct
Euwe, M. Tartakower, S. 8
Euwe, M. Bogoljubov, E. 7
Euwe, M. Capablanca, J. 6
Euwe, M. Spielmann, R. 5
Euwe, M. Alekhine, A. 5


Player Opponent Ct
Botvinnik, M. Keres, P. 11
Botvinnik, M. Smyslov, V. 11
Botvinnik, M. Taimanov, M. 10
Botvinnik, M. Flohr, S. 10
Botvinnik, M. Lilienthal, A. 8
Botvinnik, M. Boleslavsky, I. 8


Player Opponent Ct
Smyslov, V. Geller, E. 17
Smyslov, V. Petrosian, T. 12
Smyslov, V. Keres, P. 12
Smyslov, V. Botvinnik, M. 11
Smyslov, V. Bronstein, D. 10
Smyslov, V. Boleslavsky, I. 10


Player Opponent Ct
Tal, M. Petrosian, T. 13
Tal, M. Spassky, B. 13
Tal, M. Karpov, An 12
Tal, M. Portisch, L. 12
Tal, M. Timman, J. 11


Player Opponent Ct
Petrosian, T. Spassky, B. 16
Petrosian, T. Geller, E. 14
Petrosian, T. Tal, M. 13
Petrosian, T. Smyslov, V. 12
Petrosian, T. Korchnoi, V. 12


Player Opponent Ct
Spassky, B. Portisch, L. 22
Spassky, B. Larsen, B. 21
Spassky, B. Ljubojevic, Lj 19
Spassky, B. Karpov, An 18
Spassky, B. Timman, J. 18


Player Opponent Ct
Fischer, R. Petrosian, T. 8
Fischer, R. Ivkov, B. 5
Fischer, R. Gligoric, S. 4
Fischer, R. Unzicker, W. 4
Fischer, R. Donner, J. 4


Player Opponent Ct
Karpov, An Timman, J. 41
Karpov, An Portisch, L. 32
Karpov, An Ljubojevic, Lj 31
Karpov, An Andersson, U. 24
Karpov, An Beliavsky, A. 20


Player Opponent Ct
Kasparov, G. Timman, J. 25
Kasparov, G. Ivanchuk, V. 24
Kasparov, G. Short, N. 23
Kasparov, G. Kramnik, V. 23
Kasparov, G. Anand, V. 22


Player Opponent Ct
Khalifman, A. Anand, V. 6
Khalifman, A. Beliavsky, A. 5
Khalifman, A. Ivanchuk, V. 4
Khalifman, A. Kramnik, V. 4
Khalifman, A. Karpov, An 4
Khalifman, A. Ehlvest, J. 4
Khalifman, A. Kasparov, G. 4


Player Opponent Ct
Kramnik, V. Anand, V. 25
Kramnik, V. Topalov, V. 24
Kramnik, V. Ivanchuk, V. 23
Kramnik, V. Kasparov, G. 23
Kramnik, V. Shirov, A. 18


Player Opponent Ct
Anand, V. Kramnik, V. 25
Anand, V. Gelfand, B. 24
Anand, V. Ivanchuk, V. 24
Anand, V. Kasparov, G. 22
Anand, V. Topalov, V. 19